Centuria Medical Makati Celebrates Women's Wellness Month

March is considered the Women's Month.  

A lot of activities for women as well as past times women are happening all over the world.  Whether it may live on a concert to celebrate womanhood, a launch of a crusade to assist women, a forum on women's rights, amid others.  One of the most of import activeness during this calendar month is to educate women on taking aid of their ain health.

Last March 16th, I was invited to attend the celebration of Women's Month at Centuria Medical Makati.  Centuria Medical Makati is located at Century City complex as well as is the get-go medical mall inwards the Philippines.  It is a one-stop, outpatient medical-IT facility which volition solid to a greater extent than than 700 clinics.  As a techno-medical institution, Centuria Medical Makati aims to render an efficient hospital surround for doctors as well as equally, hassle-free patient-centered services to all guests.  All these, summation a modern carefully designed interior space, contribute to the unique as well as holistic healing sense inside the building.

During the event, at that spot were talks from unlike companies as well as clinics promoting their services to the public.  We were as good given a run a jeopardy to receive got a attempt of their services.

Some of the companies, clinics as well as services available at Centuria Medical Makati are:

  • Asian Breast Center -- a one-stop specialty middle to address the ballooning pectus cancer rates inwards the country.  The Clinic provides a holistic, comprehensive as well as multi-disciplinary approach to pectus care, which includes measure examinations similar digital mammography as well as ultrasounds, as good as novel innovations such as the Molecular Breast Imaging as well as Intra Operative Radiation Treatment.

  • Peregrine Eye as well as Laser Institute -- ane of the country's leading oculus aid centers.  At Peregrine, a whole arrive at of professional person services is available to anyone who needs assist alongside their vision, including Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation surgery.  Peregrine's doctors are non alone well-trained simply deeply compassionate, which is essential when you're dealing alongside about other person's eyes.  

  • Prohealth Sports as well as Spinal Physiotherapy Centre -- treats a broad arrive at of problems from chronic cervix as well as dorsum hurting due to acuate sports injuries.  Apart from treating dorsum as well as cervix pains, they as good offering spinal rehabilitation, occupational as well as sports physiotherapy, as well as as good encompass a broad arrive at of atmospheric condition such as post service surgical operation rehabilitation.

  • Pinnacle Performance Philippines -- founded inwards Hong Kong, is the alone Strength as well as Conditioning facility inwards the Philippines that offers total physical as well as quantifiable profiling/testing through its unique Pinnacle Global Rating (PGR)--Plan, Pursue, Perform 

  • Asian Square Dental -- providing patients alongside globally competitive dental aid at locally competitive prices.  ASD provides the fantabulous handling from the instant the patient books the twenty-four hours of the month until all the dental needs as well as requirements are met.

  • Urgent Care Clinic -- for quick medical attending simply it's non precisely life threatening or crusade for an Emergency Room visit.  Urgent Care Clinic is for main concerns similar fever, less severe bumps, cuts as well as abrasions, dizziness, abdominal pains as well as the like.  This is as good where you lot tin instruct routine vaccinations as well as immunization summation consultations on occupational wellness concerns.  
  • Mercury Drug -- the largest as well as most comprehensive 24-hour drugstore, provides pharmaceutical services inside Centuria Medical Makati.  It offers an array of character as well as affordable prescription as well as non-prescription drugs, personal aid products, as good as full general merchandise.  The chemist's shop is easily accessible as well as is inwards continuous coordination alongside Centuria Medical's healthcare providers to ensure an security as well as timely delivery of medicines as well as supplies.
  • The Surgery Center -- a modern as well as cutting-edge facility that aims to render a to a greater extent than convenient alternative to traditional surgery, including those for diagnostic as well as preventive procedures.  It is furnished alongside comfortable operating rooms as well as advanced medical equipment which aids inwards the delivery of operating surgical procedures across a broad arrive at of specialties, including Cosmetic Surgery Scar Removals as well as Repair, Hair Replacement, Body Contouring, Hearing Aid Placement, Endoscopy, General Surgery, LASIK, Bone Fixations, as well as a whole lot more.
  • The Executive Screening Center -- sense comprehensive wellness as well as fitness assessments that volition evaluate your wellness status, as well as ultimately amend the character of life.  The unique medical history as well as medical examine are taken into consideration to practise packages that represent your personal wellness as well as wellness needs.
  • Executive Guest Suites -- exclusive as well as luxurious hotel-style suites are available for patients who wishing to pass extra fourth dimension to recover from their medical procedures.  All rooms are individual as well as fully-furnished to practise a unique healing surround for patients.  Aftercare services include round-the-clock assistance, as well as choice recovery meals.
  • Advanced Lab Solutions past times Hi-Precision Diagnostics -- Hi-Precision Diagnostics is a pioneer inwards the laboratory as well as diagnostic industry, providing precise as well as top character healthcare for patients through advanced applied scientific discipline as well as unsurpassed service at affordable prices.  The facility volition live on furnished alongside state-of-the-art computerized equipment, which permit highly-trained, licensed medical professionals to comport integrated as well as fully automated diagnostic examinations.

Medical tourism is similar a shot becoming ane of the booming industries inwards the Philippines as well as nosotros attract foreigners to undergo medical procedures inwards our province because it is cheaper as well as nosotros as good boasts of expert as well as experienced doctors inwards the field.  Centuria Medical Makati is ane of the places foreigners tin instruct to as well as fifty-fifty locals tin as good avail of the character medical services inwards this complex.  

During the event, the speakers stressed out the importance of women's health.  Being the commander at home, women must e'er live on inwards top wellness to live on able to perform all the duties as well as responsibilities at dwelling solid as well as at work.  Take fourth dimension to cheque your health, as the maxim goes, wellness is wealth.

Happy Women's Month!

To know to a greater extent than most Centuria Medical Makati, you lot may catch their website at www.centuriamedical.com.ph.  You may as good catch their Facebook page.

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