Safety As Well As Activeness Inwards Victoria Green Later Dark

Moon spotting from Victoria Park concluding night
A to a greater extent than close-up shot of the close-to-full moon
Closer to the basis sights at Victoria Park concluding night

I decided to instruct for an even out walk concluding nighttime that took me through together with or together with so I moved to the Big Lychee closed to xi years ago, I discovered to my swell surprise that in Philadelphia, the other large metropolis where I guide maintain lived for to a greater extent than than a decade.  
Similarly, piece I had spent many happy hours inwards diverse parks in London, the 3rd large metropolis where I've spent a non insubstantial amount of time, they were ever during those parts of the 24-hour interval earlier the street lamps came on.  And this was decades ago, when the British working capital missive of the alphabet was considerably safer than it is now; a indicate brought habitation to me yesteryear a friend visiting from England a few weeks agone mentioning -- equally nosotros were strolling through Victoria Park, equally a affair of fact, albeit during the day! -- that London's murder charge per unit of measurement thence far this yr has been higher than New York's.
Glancing most at the scenes that unfolded or together with so him equally nosotros approached folks manouvering their remote-controlled boats at high speed or together with so the pond together with the many others happily watching their actions, seemed to guide maintain whatever draw organisation most threats to their personal safety, hold upward it from pickpockets or terrorists.  At moments similar this, I realize how this sort of province of affairs looks to hold upward increasingly uncommon inwards the residue of the basis -- together with how lucky I am that it is the norm inwards Hong Kong.
When I told my English linguistic communication friend that I regularly walk most inwards Victoria Park (as good equally the streets of Hong Kong) later on dark, I intend he was rather disbelieving; together with this particularly when I added that I guide maintain seen senior citizens out doing tai chi in the green at nighttime equally good equally younger folks playing basketball game together with football.  And I wonder what he'd guide maintain made of such equally the draw solid unit of measurement I spotted out for a stroll concluding nighttime (complete alongside a grandparent inwards a wheelchair), the adult woman working on her notebook figurer on a green bench together with the human being enjoying singing Cantonese opera along alongside the vocalisation coming out of his radio piece getting a flake of lite practise who I passed yesteryear piece strolling inwards the green concluding night!
Something I myself was somewhat surprised to come upward across on my stroll yesterday even out was what appeared to hold upward a petty arts and crafts market, consummate alongside Canto-pop performing buskers, on 1 corner of the park.  Another unexpected sight concluding nighttime came inwards the shape of a noticeably brilliant equally good equally close-to-full Moon inwards the heaven -- together with equally y'all tin come across from the photos at the top of this weblog post, I was moved to snap shots of it equally good equally stand upward in that place to appreciate its beauty. :)     


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