Off The Beaten Path Nearly Far To A Greater Extent Than Touristy Parts Of Hong Kong! (Photo-Essay)

Many years ago, I had a conversation amongst individual who, subsequently visiting Hong Kong a distich of times equally a tourist, claimed to know it similar a native.  "How unlike tin the local as well as tourist views be?", he challenged me to nation him at 1 point.  Among the things I went ahead as well as pointed out to him was that in that place is as well as thus much to a greater extent than to Hong Kong than what appears on tourist maps.  Something which I didn't fifty-fifty teach to telling him was that, fifty-fifty inwards the areas covered on tourist maps, yous tin plow a corner or veer off the beaten path as well as of a precipitous honour yourself on the route less travelled, peculiarly past times tourists.   

Take, equally an example, the Ngong Ping plateau on Lantau Island (as opposed to the less good known Ngong Ping plateau inwards Ma On Shan Country Park).  Home to the Big Buddha, it is accessible via a pose out of hiking trails equally good equally (more easily) past times coach as well as the Ngong Ping 360 cable auto ride.  But piece the areas almost the that which leads all the means downwards to Tung Chung), the crowds volition of a precipitous choke non-existent as well as you'll experience equally though you've entered a different, to a greater extent than enchanting world... :)

Hike a few minutes away from the hustle as well as bustle of
the touristy parts of Ngong Ping as well as you'll endure here... ;b

It tin endure equally serenity at the world marker inwards this expanse of Hong Kong
as it is several meters to a higher house it inwards a cable auto ;b
On the means downhill, 1 passes past times quieter monasteries 
and spaces laid upwards aside for spiritual retreats
One of the condom gloves laid upwards out to dry out atop a debate past times a farm plot 
seems to endure seeking to assure us that everything's A-OK!
Most definitely non your green Hong Kong abode
Lotus pond inwards the grounds of the appropriately-named Lotus Pond Temple
On this hike, I was happy to honour a colorful dragonfly
that willing to pose for photos besides :)))


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