30 Things That Involvement Me Almost China

I've been lucky plenty to go inward an manufacture that does draw organisation inward Asia. Over the terminal several years, I convey gone on many trips to China... too convey come upward to appreciate its unique culture. Whenever I become there, I ever sense something completely different. Below are around things I honor interesting close China:

1. Automatic urinals flush BEFORE you occupation them
Enjoying around delicious "bone juice"

2. The dialects inward PRC are based on "tones". Therefore, the same give-and-take tin dismiss hateful several unlike things depending on how you tell it.

3. There are MANY different dialects inward PRC (no such affair equally elementary "Chinese")

4. Coke too McDonald's appear to sense of savour amend inward China

5. Maids similar to plough off AC too opened upward windows when you lot go out hotel room

6. People prefer to drink HOT water (instead of cold). Apparently, it's supposed to go amend for your body

7. Lane dividers (and halt lights) are to a greater extent than of a suggestion

8. Musicians specifically write songs for karaoke purposes

9. Karaoke involves dice, "companions", too drinks

The "7 Star" Lake inward Zhao Qing

10. Getting pizza inward PRC is easy, exactly getting a acre (non-seafood) pizza is not

11. Hong Kong too Macau are parts of China, exactly non all Chinese people are allowed to go at that spot freely

12. "Yes" doesn't necessarily hateful "Yes" (it agency I heard you)

13. Breathing inward through teeth agency "No"

14. If nutrient is gross or doesn't sense of savour good, it's either "good for body" or "good for man"
Whole fish (including eyes)

15. If you lot gild fish, you're going to teach a "whole fish" (eyes are "good for man")

16. "Seafood" agency that you're going to see your nutrient go earlier you lot consume it. Chinese people similar fresh food!

17. Youtube, Twitter, too Facebook are blocked inward China... exactly Chinese websites featuring copyright videos are not

18. DVDs terms $1 (series similar Prison Break & 24 are super popular)

19. Fried rice is served at the cease of your meal

20. People produce non ain ovens (therefore, cookies are a luxury item)

21. Beer is non drunkard purely for enjoyment... people either abstain from drinking or drinkable to teach drunkard (no middle ground)

Guangzhou sunrise
22. Getting a nighttime beer is nearly impossible

23. Go-kart racing is the best affair ever

24. The prepare organisation is to a greater extent than advanced than inward US

25. Mobile telephone ringtones are all cheesy pop songs

26. Fruit is served afterwards every meal

27. Hotel rooms are much to a greater extent than spacious than inward the USA (better service equally well)

28. People don't drinkable real much java (obviously)... too most java shops opened upward after 9am

29. The average historic catamenia of a millionaire inward PRC is solely 39 (that average is much higher inward USA)

30. Many Chinese citizens that go inward rural parts of the province are non allowed to work/live inward the major cities. 
Chef Ken#1 (me) cooking upward fried bananas

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