A Sisyphean Business That Nevertheless Needs To Last Done -- In Addition To Is Worth Attempting Calendar Month Afterward Month

The form of sight you lot don't desire to encounter at a beach

A to a greater extent than unopen upward shot of around of the debris brought inward past times the tides

On days similar this, efforts to build clean upward the beach tin experience like 
a Sisyphean chore -- but around of us seek to exercise together with thence simply the same...
A terrible sight greeted today's beach clean-up crew when nosotros got to Cheung Chau's Tung Wan Tsai (Coral Beach) before today.  For the tides had washed upward together with thence much trash inward the 1 calendar month since my grouping was final in that place -- and, I accept been told, around other beach clean-up lawsuit had been separately effected -- that it was difficult to believe that this was the same beach that I've been organizing monthly beach clean-ups of together with at for around fourth dimension now.

I had prioritized picking upward broken pieces of drinking glass along with pieces of styrofoam together with plastic items before on when taking travel inward beach clean-ups (on Cheung Chau and also Lantau Island's Chi Ma Wan Peninsula).  But the sheer total of styrofoam together with other plastics institute on Tung Wan Tsai since my beach clean-up grouping returned to concentrating our efforts in that place has prompted a narrowing of my focus to clearing those item types of trash off the beach, together with preferably before they disintegrate into pieces together with thence small-scale they're difficult to split upward from the sand together with selection up.  

Today, in that place sure was no lack of even together with thence whole plastic items (including -- but past times no way restricted to -- drinks bottles) along with fairly large pieces of styrofoam together with and thence much to a greater extent than strewn close the area.  What's more, during the fourth dimension that my grouping was working away on Tung Wan Tsai, the tide kept on bringing upward to a greater extent than together with to a greater extent than trash; making an already formidable chore experience genuinely Sisyphean!

Adding to my frustrations on this occasion -- together with farther threatening to brand me lose my organized faith inward humanity -- was that today's beach clean-up lawsuit had an over 50 per centum charge per unit of measurement of "no shows" alongside the registered participants.  I approximate those folks who didn't plough upward idea it was going to pelting during the beach clean-up because it was indeed pretty gray this morning.  The fact of the affair though is that it didn't (as correctly forecasted -- for a change! -- past times the Hong Kong Observatory). 

On a to a greater extent than positive note: this makes me fifty-fifty to a greater extent than grateful to the valiant few who did plough upward to exercise their bit, beach clean-up veterans together with newcomers alike.  Also, for the showtime fourth dimension ever, ii strangers who happened to live passing past times stopped mid-hike to aid build clean the beach for a time!  

On the 7th anniversary of the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake together with Tsunami this past times March 11th, the inspirational Funassyi Tweeted a message which Funatomo Makiko Itoh translated into English linguistic communication every bit follows:
Don’t country ‘this is all I tin do’‬
No affair how small, no affair how footling
If nosotros tin driblet dead on supporting each other
This twelvemonth together with adjacent twelvemonth together with afterwards that too
That would live a skilful thing nassyi. (。゜▽゜)
To non forget is of import also nassyi *

Words to alive past times (including for beach clean-ups), I reckon... for humans together with pear fairies alike!  So, spell it sure does accept its demoralizing moments, I intend to driblet dead on organizing together with taking travel inward beach clean-ups for a spell to come!
*For those who didn't realize: Funassyi has a vogue to halt sentences with the Japanese discussion nassyi (Pear) on concern human relationship of its existence a Japanese Pear Fairy ;)

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