Much To Run Into On A Lamma Isle Hike Along Good Trodden Trails (Photo-Essay)

There are many serious hikers who would scoff at the idea of a Lamma Island hike that didn't postulate whole stretches along the southern department of the isle tin already experience similar they're off the beaten path.  

In fact, if you lot choke along a weekday inwards fellowship to trounce the weekend crowds, I nevertheless fifty-fifty savour going along the good trodden concreted trail betwixt Sok Kwu Wan and Yung Shue Wan which I've been along alongside my woman raise post service her triple pump bypass surgery as well as went on for the kickoff fourth dimension prior to my moving to Hong Kong!  Indeed, the official trails of Lamma institute 1 of my "go to" summer/hot twenty-four hours hike options; this peculiarly when throwing inwards a meander some less visited sections of the island, which genuinely include the Lamma Winds' air current turbine that's choke 1 of Lamma's nearly visible physical landmarks! :)

Headgear for sale using the laurels system
at Yung Shue Wan :)

The normally non that fast moving  
Lamma Winds air current turbine from fairly upward close 
Beautiful clear H2O at Hung Shing Yeh Beach :)
One of the to a greater extent than colorful caterpillars spotted inwards Lamma that day!
 In add-on to a air current turbine, the island's equally good dwelling describe of piece of employment solid to
the coal- as well as gas-fired Lamma Power Station
Rest assured though that non all of Lamma is blighted
by human development!
A illustration could equally good live on made for nature as well as humans combining
to genuinely brand a photogenic landscape at times ;b
And critter spottings are genuinely fairly frequent on the island
-- alongside this stick insect existence less intimidating looking than


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