From Pak Sha O To Sham Chung I Fine Boundary Twenty-Four Hours (Photo-Essay)

I know people for whom boundary is their favorite flavor of the year.  None of these people alive inwards Hong Kong though -- in addition to given how brusque in addition to unpredictable weather-wise the flavor is here, in addition to also how it invariably gives means to a long, super hot in addition to humid summer, I consider in that place are company reasons why this is so.  

Every in addition to so often, however, nosotros instruct a fine boundary day: amongst brilliant bluish skies, high visibility levels, temperatures that are cool or warm (rather than uncomfortably mutual depression temperature or deathly hot) in addition to humidity levels that are acceptable (in that y'all won't experience similar you've been rained on afterward walking outdoors for nearly 10 minutes).  Throw inwards the prospect of cool critter spottings galore in addition to that's a pretty ideal hiking 24-hour interval equally far equally I'm concerned! 

And it was on i such bonus of a boundary day, a friend in addition to I took payoff of the pleasant conditions conditions to repeat a Sai Kung Peninsula hike I've done a few times before in addition to actually enjoyed.  Going from the silent occupied hamlet of Pak Sha O over to the largely abandoned hamlet of Sham Chung (where the park pose that I come across dragonflies inwards :)
Light reflections on flow water
A spidery predator in addition to its butterfly victim :O

A rugged department of hiking trail
The sort of stance worth scrambling uphill to come across --
especially when it reveals that our finish is inside sight :b 
previous Sham Chung excursion, I never imagined (never heed knew) 
this type of animate beingness existed until I caught sight at it mid hike! :O
Our hike's end: a beautiful house which a lack of vehicular
access has thence far managed to cash inwards one's chips on pretty idyllic :)


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