A Scenic Urban Walk On A Like Shooting Fish In A Barrel Throttle Day

I industrial plant life myself looking upward a lot early inward today's walk :)

One argue for this: the reflections on the drinking glass surfaces
of a issue of the high rising buildings I passed along the way!
Later on inward the walk, it was the clouds 
that specially caught my oculus ;b
Today was 1 of those days where the bluish skies together with high visibility Hong Kong enjoyed made it then that I was detest to non pass around fourth dimension outdoors but, at the same time, didn't experience similar a strenous hike on draw of piece of occupation organisation human relationship of the temperatures together with humidity levels existence amidst the highest we've had inward quite a while.  So rather than caput out to 1 of Hong Kong's 24 province parks or eleven designated special areas, I went on a long urban walk that took me past times 6 MTR stations instead!
As is to hold upward expected of pretty much whatsoever walk inward Hong Kong actually tin give the sack hold upward then beautiful on fine atmospheric condition days.      

At North Point, almost the pop waterfront promenade that stretches over to Shau Kei Wan, broken alone over a brusk stretch at Sai Wan Ho, only equally a large cruise send sailed by.  Also making waves inward Victoria Harbour this afternoon were a issue of junk boats laden amongst revellers returning from a 24-hour interval out that I'm certain included quite a combat of boozing together with feasting along amongst H2O sports!    
With the H2O looking on the choppy side due to at that topographic point existence quite a rigid breeze blowing, I was happy to hold upward on Earth rather than on a boat this afternoon.  Walking along the harborfront, I also was privy to around actually fantabulous views of Victoria Harbour together with Kowloon (including several of its hills) that were made all the to a greater extent than bang on draw of piece of occupation organisation human relationship of the heaven containing many fast moving equally good equally voluminous clouds.
Although around of the clouds looked on the threatening side, no pelting barbarous piece I was outdoors this afternoon.  So the alone argue why my wearable was on the damp side past times the cease of the walk was because of the perspiration I had shed along the way, together with got me feeling that I had got inward a salubrious sum of practise fifty-fifty without hiking upward together with downward whatsoever hills this belatedly saltation day! ;b 

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