A Memorable Lantau Hike On The 11Th Anniversary Of My Deed To Hong Kong :)

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Eleven years agone today, I moved to Hong Kong to function too live.  One argue why it's slow for me to retrieve the appointment of my arrival inwards the Big Lychee is that May 1st is a public vacation inwards this business office of the world.  In contrast, I accept lilliputian retentiveness of what the conditions was similar on May 1st, 2007.  But cheers inwards business office to this spider web log post, I'm going to retrieve that May 1st, 2018 was a beautiful conditions day: warm too humid exactly largely sunny, amongst high visibility levels too brilliant blueish skies!
After I underwent wisdom molar operation final Friday, I was non certain for a few days whether I'd experience upwardly to larn hiking on Lantau Island this May Day equally planned amongst a friend.  Happily, when the 24-hour interval I arrived, I felt able -- too indeed eager -- to trek from the eastern destination of Shek Pik Reservoir's dam over to the hamlet of Shui Hau along Lantau Trail Section 9.    
Like much of the residue of the Sunset Peak), it tin last surprisingly bereft of other people -- fifty-fifty on a 24-hour interval when much of the public don't accept to function -- which, of course, adds considerably to its charm.
Indeed, if I were to exclude from my jibe the folks who were camping at Lo Kei Wan this holiday, it actually was the illustration that I saw far to a greater extent than butterflies, moths, crickets, cicadas too other bugs than swain humans patch out hiking on that detail department of Lantau this afternoon!  And this especially too thence since on 2 occasions during today's excursion, nosotros came across swarms of the colorful xanthous moth known inwards Latin equally Obeidia tigrata and inwards English linguistic communication equally Orange Magpie Moths!
On nearly other hikes, coming across those 2 moth swarms would last my locomote on critter spotting experiences for the day.   On this 24-hour interval to remember, however, I would similar to gleefully study that I also came across a twosome of long-legged my already pretty various "doing what comes naturally" photograph collection which began several years agone amongst a twosome of Orange Magpie Moths which were lying too thence silent I initially idea they were dead earlier my much to a greater extent than knowledgeable woman bring upwardly informed me otherwise! ;b 

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