Travellers Tips For Siem Reap, Cambodia

The stance of Angkor Wat relfecting on the H2O Travellers tips for Siem Reap, Cambodia

The stance of Angkor Wat relfecting on the H2O Travellers tips for Siem Reap, Cambodia


Travellers tips for Siem Reap 

While planning our trip to Asia, Kingdom of Cambodia was on the 'maybe' list, along alongside Vietnam.     

We would loved to receive got seen both, but to create Thailand, Hong Kong, Phuket, Dubai, Kingdom of Cambodia AND Vietnam inwards 2 weeks seemed a lilliputian crazy. So nosotros settled on Cambodia, mainly because of the attraction of Angkor Wat, the largest religious monument inwards the world. 

We had a 1 black remain inwards Siem Reap, which was simply plenty fourth dimension to absorb the iii master copy temples in addition to explore a lilliputian of the locality. 

It was besides slap-up to explore a house which was much to a greater extent than relaxed in addition to serene than the hustle in addition to bustle of Bangkok, I tin run across why Kingdom of Cambodia is known equally a gentle community.    

But earlier my lowdown, I've thrown inwards some tips for if you're planning to see the city. 

Travellers tips for Siem Reap #1 - Allow fourth dimension for immigration  

When arriving at immigration inwards Cambodia, nosotros were greeted alongside a rather lengthy procedure.  We visited at the fourth dimension of the Ebola scare, hence nosotros had an additional wellness shape to boot, but fifty-fifty without this, in that location was a iii business whip for your paperwork. So hold out prepared for a lot of stamping in addition to checking. In all, I'd tell nosotros were spent most an lx minutes going through the diverse checks.

Travellers tips for Siem Reap #2 - Take a passport photograph alongside you

At immigration, nosotros were told nosotros needed to supply a passport photograph to accompany our documentation, or pay $5 USD for them to receive got one. So evidently it's worth taking a alternative alongside you, equally $5 could become towards a repast inwards the city. Which brings me to my adjacent point...

Travellers tips for Siem Reap #3 - They bargain inwards dollars

That's USA Dollars. Believe it or not, Siem Reap prefers USA Dollars over their currency - the Riel. Even inwards the marketplace stalls they prefer dollars.  The Riel itself is inflated insanely - I intend it was 2,000 Riels to the pound. So yous experience similar you're something of a millionaire when exchanging. 

Dealing inwards dollars is to a greater extent than convenient, specially if you're from the US, or are planning a trip there.  It's besides easier figuring out if you're getting a practiced bargain on your buys. However, when giving modify smaller than a dollar, shops in addition to restaurants tend to mitt yous dorsum some Riels, hence it's best to role them on pocket-size buys during your stay.

Travellers tips for Siem Reap #4 - Invest inwards a tuk tuk driver 

The stance of Angkor Wat relfecting on the H2O Travellers tips for Siem Reap, Cambodia

Having had our fill upwards of bartering alongside tuk tuk drivers inwards Bangkok, I didn't fancy doing the same affair inwards Cambodia. 

However, that was until I realised that inwards Siem Reap it was the norm to majority a tuk tuk driver for the whole twenty-four lx minutes menstruum for a fixed rate, in addition to they'd hold off for yous equally yous see all the sights.    

We paid $15, the going charge per unit of measurement for a tuk tuk driver, for the whole day. He was polite, courteous, in addition to patient. And he fifty-fifty offered to driblet us off at the airdrome for our flying back.     

With the same driver, yous instruct a feel of comfort in addition to security, in addition to it turns out much meliorate to pay a tuk tuk driver to receive got yous around, rather than 1 of the committee driven airdrome cabbies. But that's some other story for some other article. 

Travellers tips for Siem Reap #5 - Be ready for pushy salespeople      

The stance of Angkor Wat relfecting on the H2O Travellers tips for Siem Reap, Cambodia

Whether it was a marketplace stall or a store, nosotros were sold at inwards Angkor Wat similar no other place. 

Oh my, yous alternative upwards 1 particular in addition to 4 people come upwards up to you, alongside a handbasket inwards hand, ready to fill upwards it alongside items. We were stalked to a greater extent than or less a handicraft store, nagged to purchase inwards the marketplace. By the end, nosotros didn't dare expect at anything inwards whatever shops. I idea the souks of Marrakech were pushy. This was a whole novel level. 

Travellers tips for Siem Reap #6 - One temple tickets gets yous iii sites, in addition to a black view

The stance of Angkor Wat relfecting on the H2O Travellers tips for Siem Reap, Cambodia

The stance of Angkor Wat relfecting on the H2O Travellers tips for Siem Reap, Cambodia

Hubby in addition to I paid $20 each to see Angkor Wat, in addition to we're pleased to withdraw heed that nosotros got to run across the other 2 master copy temples, Angkor Pho in addition to Angkor Thom, alongside the same ticket.    

Also, a tip our driver gave was that if nosotros see Angkor Wat the black earlier later 4.45pm, it's gratis to instruct into if yous purchase a ticket for the adjacent day. So essentially, yous tin instruct the sunset stance from the hills, in addition to and hence see the sites the adjacent twenty-four lx minutes menstruum all alongside the same ticket.  

So those are my travellers tips for Siem Reap, I'll adjacent hold out posting my things to do.


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