Adventures Inwards Hong Kong: Tian Tan Buddha

One of Hong Kong's less pop tourist destinations is the Tian Tan Big Buddha statue that is on Lantau Island, Hong Kong. The isle is on the due west side of Hong Kong together with also has the Hong Kong International Airport together with several pop beaches. 

To larn to the Big Buddha statue, nosotros took the MTR subway to Lantau island. From in that place nosotros took the cable auto upwards into the hills. The ride was most 15-20 minutes. 

You tin move come across the Buddha statue inwards the distance.

There is a lilliputian tourist walkway leading towards the Buddha. 

 Like anything that is Buddhist together with sacred, it's ever on exceed of something. Which agency a long flying of stairs to become come across it.

The persuasion from Top

There is a Buddhist Shrine, that also has a vegetarian restaurant. 

Cable Car on the way down. 


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