Adventures Inwards Hong Kong: Regain Bay Beach

While many Canadians dorsum habitation are suffering  enjoying the mutual depression temperature snowfall storms, nosotros wanted to bask a dainty hot twenty-four hr menstruum at the beach. The silky warm sand, the refreshing ocean breeze as well as amazing persuasion of the bay made for a dainty relaxing afternoon. 

Discovery Bay inwards Hong Kong is a completely westernized rural expanse of Hong Kong for foreigners/expats that operate inwards Hong Kong.  If I didn't know I was inwards Hong Kong, I would of guessed I was inwards Miami. Discovery Bay Beach is small-scale secluded beach that non a lot of people larn to. We exclusively went because it was nearest to our go itinerary. Other beaches were likewise far as well as would of consumed likewise much time. Nevertheless, nosotros had a dainty relaxing fourth dimension there.  


And simply because I'm awesome hither is an artistic crotch shot. Enjoy


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