Adventures Inward Hong Kong: Popeyes

Red People's Republic of China actually loves KFC in addition to KFC actually loves Red People's Republic of China because it's KFC's largest origin of revenue.  I intend KFC sucks. It used to endure skilful when I was younger. I even in addition to then recall Toonie Tuesdays in addition to how excited I got for that, right away it's precisely shit. Popeyes is no comparing to KFC, it is only improve inwards every unmarried means in addition to I know my Muslim friends convey a especial appreciation for it every bit well. So our journeying to Hong Kong was non entirely to run across Hong Kong but it was primarily fueled past times the deep hunger nosotros had for Popeyes. The entirely Popeyes franchise inwards Red People's Republic of China located inwards the Hong Kong International Airport. Reviews online demo that locals become to the drome often to precisely consume at Popeyes. 

Let me say y'all something well-nigh this chicken, spicy fries in addition to biscuit. It was perfect. As I'm writing this I'm craving for more.

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