Adventures Inward Hong Kong: The Flip Loving Cup Scene

I similar to potable every immediately too then. When our novel friends at the hostel took us out to a club/bar I was expecting a dainty looking gild amongst a trip the low-cal fantastic floor, proficient music too a bar. Where nosotros truly ended upwards going was something out of a film scene.

Flip cup. The game is elementary drinking game played at trouble solid political party too inwards my persuasion is 2d to beer pong. Now play flip loving cup Hong Kong way too its completely different. The normal way to play flip loving cup is to accept two teams describe upwards against the sides of a tabular array facing each other. Sequentially, each individual has to destination their potable ( beer) too hence maintain to flip the loving cup amongst the flick of the finger off the border of the table. Only when the loving cup does a 180 flip too sticks the landing, tin post away the side yesteryear side individual drink. Now throw these rules out the window because nosotros accept been doing it wrong. 

There needs to live a DJ that is playing loud electronic/dubstep music amongst difficult bass. Secondly, the potable of selection is Jaggerbombs. Now your thinking, how produce you lot flip a loving cup amongst a shot drinking glass inwards it. Well you lot don't, you lot accept a assort plastic loving cup for flipping too 1 that you lot driblet your shot into for the Jaggerbomb. When the game starts the bass drops too  both the outset individual too the concluding individual maintain driblet their shots too maintain to drink. This agency the middle individual or the anchor goes last. The middle individual has to live the best drinker on the squad because they accept to downward two Jaggerbombs summation two shots of Jaggermiester too if they are ahead of the other team, an extra shot to marking the playing plain again. If this is confusing, don't worry i'll learn you. 

We came 4th house inwards this tournament at the gild where the winning prize was a $3000 HKD of champagne. Safe to state I was sufficiently boozer too had a hell of a time. 

When nosotros left the club, the street were covered inwards drinkers too partiers from other clubs nearby.It looked similar a St.Patricks twenty-four lx minutes menses inwards Waterloo. We striking upwards a 7-11 got to a greater extent than drinks too only chilled on the street amongst random strangers wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year. 

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