Hongkong Tourist Map: Palawan Escapade 2012: Hush-Hush River Tour

Travel to the Underground River takes ii hours from the urban total centre in addition to then nosotros direct maintain to depart early. Before nosotros ride the van, our tour guide manus us souvenirs from the agency. We got a pocket-size pelting maker. The tour guide assigned for the Underground River tour started to signal in addition to explicate some of the known spots inward the city.

We had our get-go destination at Taratitat's souvenir shop.

Our adjacent destination was a viewing signal of what they telephone telephone "Tres Marias".

The end destination was inward front end of a mount of "chalk".

After 10-15 minutes from our end destination in addition to later to a greater extent than than ii hours of travel, nosotros reached Sabang Port. Sabang Port is the gateway to the Subterranean River. A lot of see boats lined upward the shores for boat rentals to in addition to from the Subterranean River. It's prissy to encounter how the local regime funded this port for it to live on a decent shipping hub to the newly proclaimed New vii Wonders of Nature. 

While waiting to board the boat, in addition to patch our tour guide is getting the let to the Underground River, nosotros expect for some pasalubong on the stores around.

Finally, we're cook to board the boat in addition to caput to the Sabang Beach. Travel to Sabang Beach from the port is unopen to xxx minutes.

Upon reaching Sabang Beach, nosotros had a curt orientation before proceeding to the Subterranean River where the cave is located. While we're waiting to board some other boat to teach inward the cave, nosotros took to a greater extent than pictures around. There's a way heading to a grouping of monkeys in addition to monitor lizards simply nosotros did non teach there.

Now were on board going within the cave. I in addition to Brian were on the front end of the boat belongings the light, the Gladys in addition to Tin are on the other boat.

As nosotros teach inward the cave, the boatman started to speak virtually what's within in addition to instructed to signal the calorie-free on a for certain direction, the views are amazing. There are unlike stone formations, minerals, in addition to many to a greater extent than inside. If y'all are a nature lover, definitely y'all volition appreciate the views inside.

The whole tour within the cave end for xxx minutes. And when nosotros came out, it was raining.
Now it's tiffin time. We headed dorsum to Sabang Port simply this time, the conditions is non that practiced in addition to the bounding main is wavy. Our move heading dorsum to the port is a combat scary, in addition to we're all moisture because of heavy pelting along the way.

Thank God nosotros reached the port safely. We ride the van in addition to caput us to our buffet lunch. Lots of bounding main foods in addition to vegetables are on the table. Yahoo! Eat all y'all can!

After lunch, nosotros caput dorsum to Puerto Princesa City, simply this fourth dimension nosotros are all tired in addition to slept the entire travel. We're awaken when the other invitee teach off the van to their hotel. We told our tour guide to convey us to the Tiange instead on our hotel. Then nosotros bought additional pasalubong.

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