Awesome The Do-It-Yourself Hong Kong Experience

Located inwards eastern Asia, Hong Kong is a province often visited yesteryear Filipinos due its visa-free entry together with unopen proximity to Manila. It is a magical identify where both kids together with adults volition sure enough receive got a bully time, together with it’s exclusively a two-hour flying away.

view from the tram on the way to The Peak
Be ready to pack your bags together with banking corporation lucifer out this suggested Do-It-Yourself Hong Kong guide.


It is recommended to accept an early on flying to Hong Kong to maximize your stay.
There are at to the lowest degree fifteen flights per twenty-four hr current amongst MNL – HKG routes which you lot may select from.
You may banking corporation lucifer out fights from Philippine Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Air Asia, together with Cebu Pacific.

Watch out for those airline sales, every bit a Manila-Hong Kong round-trip ticket tin post away terms every bit depression every bit PhP2,000.


Hong Kong is well-known for beingness a province where infinite is a luxury.

As always, at that spot are a few options you lot may select from to larn the best out of your budget.

AirBnbs are booming alternative to hotels. From HKD800 (PhP5,000++) a night, you’ll larn an entire floor to yourself where you lot tin post away gear upwardly together with create laundry. This is recommended for those traveling inwards groups to salve on your accommodation.

Golden Crown Guesthouse – located inwards i of Hong Kong’s busiest streets, Nathan Road, Golden Crown is i of the pop invitee houses inwards Hong Kong. An overnight remain for a trouble solid unit of measurement room (accommodates 4 to 5) volition terms you lot HKD600 (PhP3,600++) spell a room for ii is about HKD420 (PhP2,500++).

Boutique Hotels/Hotels
If you lot receive got to a greater extent than budget for accommodation, you lot may opt to mass your remain inwards a hotel.
Check out Butterfly on Prat inwards Agoda to score the best deals for this hotel.


Hong Kong is classified every bit a sub-tropical climate, which agency that it has a warm to hot summertime together with cool to mild winter. It has a high tourist mass all year, but if you lot desire to savor cooler months, it is best to move betwixt mid-September to the halt of February.

Make certain to banking corporation lucifer out the conditions forecast at to the lowest degree a calendar week earlier your trip.

The concluding fourth dimension I went to Hong Kong was about Feb which was even then really mutual frigidity together with windy. The jacket I was wearing was merely non enough. I needed to apparel ii jackets every bit shortly every bit nosotros landed at the airport.


Before heading out to the city, last certain to purchase your Octopus Card at the airport.
This carte du jour is used every bit a contactless way of payment for about shipping about Hong Kong every bit good every bit for other establishments.

Got our Octopus Cards at the Airport

The Octopus Card comes amongst a refundable HKD50 (PhP300) deposit. 

For a five-day trip, I propose you lot larn an initial top-up of HKD100 + fifty deposit (Php900++), together with exactly happen upwardly when necessary. 

You may happen upwardly your Octopus cards at MTR stations, 7-Eleven together with other partner establishments

Public shipping is relatively efficient together with at that spot are a lot of ways to savor the city.

Airport Express – The fastest way to arrive at the urban center from the Chek Lap Kok Airport is the Airport Express.

To laissez passer a crude oil estimate, a i way ticket from Airport to Kowloon is about HKD90 (PhP540++).

Taxi – the about convenient way of shipping if you lot are travelling inwards a group. However, last mindful likewise that Hong Kong taxis create non come upwardly cheap. The flag-down charge per unit of measurement for crimson taxis, operating throughout about of Hong Kong, is HKD22 (PhP133++)

Bus – Buses run on a specific routes together with are guided yesteryear Bus Numbers. Make certain to excogitation ahead the charabanc numbers that you lot volition demand for your destination.

MTR – The Mass Transit Railway is the about pop method of commute inwards Hong Kong specially for tourists due to its efficiency. Check out to excogitation out your routes together with estimated move time.

Ferry – For sense you lot may attempt to accept the Star Ferry betwixt Central to Kowloon. You may banking corporation lucifer out detailed fare tabular array here.

Tram – Hop on together with accept the upper deck for a lovely sentiment of Hong Kong Island amongst a floor charge per unit of measurement of HKD2.3 (Php13).

Tip: Having been a British colony for 99 years, Hong Kong is a correct manus receive country.
Be certain to hold back from right to left when crossing the street.


Day 1
Early wing inwards to Hong Kong
Make certain to larn your Octopus Card at the Airport
Check inwards to Hotel
Stroll about TST 1881 Heritage, Harbour City Shopping
Avenue of the Stars, Old Clock Tower, Symphony of Lights

Day 2
Ngong Pin Village (Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car + Giant Buddha + Po Lin Monastery)
Citygate at Tung Chung station              

Day 3
Ocean Park
The Peak / Madame Tassaud's Wax Museum 

Day 4
Last Minute Shopping 

You tin post away add together i to a greater extent than twenty-four hr current for a side trip to Macau.

For a to a greater extent than relaxed itinerary, you lot may opt to remain for at to the lowest degree vii days inwards HK to fully savor this beautiful country.

Bonus Tip: When packing for your trip, last certain to exit infinite on your luggage every bit at that spot are a lot of discount sales inwards Hong Kong. I’m certain you lot are inwards for one-of-a-kind shopping sense spell there.

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**Exchange rate used is 1 HKD = 6.01055 PHP every bit of May 15, 2016


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