Awesome Hong Kong Diy Trip Business Office One - Welcome To Hk In Addition To Avenue Of The Stars

Thanks to Hong Kong for roughly Php4,000 per person. 

I was designated to come upward up amongst the itinerary in addition to to ticker for accommodation. 

The skilful tidings is that all y'all remove to know almost Hong Kong is already inwards PEX, GT in addition to YouTube! 

I prepared our itinerary, maps, budget in addition to packed our bags.

We took the starting fourth dimension wing out from Manila, which is at 5:40am, in addition to thence nosotros headed for the airdrome roughly 3AM, Since it was holy week, at that spot are a lot of waiting passengers inwards the airport. Our flying was fifty-fifty overbooked in addition to Cebu Pacific offered a gratis circular trip tickets to whatsoever finish in addition to a confirmed booking to the side yesteryear side available Hong Kong flying for the mortal who would surrender his seat. It was a skilful bargain solely if nosotros were non next a tight schedule.

After arriving at the airdrome nosotros instantly did the following:

1. Go to the check-in counter. Give itinerary in addition to passport. Deposit check-in luggage.
2. Pay locomote revenue enhancement (You tin also create this first).
3. Go dorsum to depository fiscal establishment stand upward for inwards counter, exhibit locomote revenue enhancement receipt in addition to larn boarding tickets.
4. Pay concluding fee.
5. Go to the designated gate in addition to await for boarding.

After the 2 hr airplane ride, nosotros were greeted yesteryear the sunny Hong Kong airdrome in addition to it was huge!

I similar a shot changed some dollars, got our passports stamped, got our luggage, bought octopus cards in addition to ate breakfast at Burger King. 

This is it! We followed the signs going to the autobus concluding in addition to rode the A21 double decker. We rode on the s flooring of the autobus for a amend sentiment of the city.

When nosotros reached the famous Nathan Road, I am already warning because nosotros powerfulness lady friend our halt (I intend nosotros did). 

We went downwards close Mirador Mansion in addition to walked dorsum to Golden Crown Court building. 

Anyway, the room was non yet cook because it was solely 10am in addition to thence nosotros left our luggage in addition to stroll roughly the area.

We walked downwards Nathan Road to larn to Avenue of the Stars. The skilful affair is that the atmospheric condition is notwithstanding somehow mutual depression temperature compared to Manila in addition to thence walking at noon was non actually a problem.
Hello Avenue of the Stars! This house is the most pop inwards HongKong. Most of the people I know who already went hither has a photograph inwards front end of Victoria Harbour. So it’s a mandatory photograph op for me.

We went dorsum to Golden Crown to residual a while.

While nosotros were on the autobus from the airdrome nosotros saw a Yoshinoya branch in addition to thence nosotros decided to consume our tiffin there, from Golden Crown nosotros walked (big mistake! It was far!), 

I intend it was inwards Yau Ma Tei already!!! The funny affair is the side yesteryear side 24-hour interval nosotros discovered that at that spot is a Yoshinoya branch on Cameron route which is a few steps away from Golden Crown. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 large encephalon fart moment!

After eating nosotros decided to explore the expanse before going dorsum to the hostel to larn a skilful nighttime sleep.

Be certain to depository fiscal establishment stand upward for out my other Hong Kong DIY Series:

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