Awesome Hong Kong Diy Trip Business Office Ii - The Ngong Ping 360 Experience

I wanted to run into the Giant Buddha together with thence on our 2nd day, nosotros headed to the Ngong Ping Village to take in the famous landmark inward Lantau Island. 

How to Get There from Golden Crown?

Take the MTR Tsuen Wan trouble from Tsim Sha Tsui to Lai King, at the interchanged station Lai King alter trains going to Tung Chung. You'll easily spot the arrow pointing the station where the MTR is headed. 

Since it’s non yet vacation inward HongKong, the MTR real much looks similar a corporate jungle. Trust me you’ll larn how to walk fast alongside these Chinese people.

When yous acquire to the Tung Chung station, discovery Exit B together with you’ll run into the huge Citygate outlet, walk past times it together with you’ll run into the entrance for the Cable automobile together with the motorbus terminus. 

Since it’s withal early on nosotros opted to ride the motorbus going to Ngong Ping together with ride the cable automobile on the agency back. We bought a packet ticket (bus + i agency cable automobile ride) for HKD98. 

You tin dismiss also purpose your octopus carte du jour to pay for the motorbus together with only purchase your cable automobile ticket when yous acquire to Ngong Ping Village.

The motorbus ride going upwards the mount is scenic; you’ll live able to acquire a proficient sight of Lantau Island. My dad fifty-fifty joked that it was the alone fourth dimension he saw a banana tree inward our whole rest inward Hong Kong.

After virtually an hr motorbus ride, nosotros finally arrived at the Ngong Ping Village. It is a beautiful house indeed, real far from the busy scene inward the city.

We got the entrance to the Giant Buddha together with Museum + Lunch packet ticket together with started to walk these steps.

After visiting the Giant Buddha, nosotros explored Po Lin Monastery.

After eating our lunch, nosotros wandered roughly Ngong Ping Village together with had a niggling soda interruption at 7-eleven because nosotros were tired already. 

I went to the Ngong Ping 360 counter to central our vouchers for the Cable Ride. 

There are truly 2 types of Cable Car inward Ngong Ping 360, the Crystal Cabin (has a drinking glass bottom) together with the measure cabin. 

Since the Crystal Cabin is pricier together with scarier (for me) nosotros opt to select the measure cabin.

I intend it was virtually a one-half an hr ride to taste the beauty of Lantau Island. My solid unit of measurement together with I truly did taste it. We fifty-fifty convey half-scared half-laugh out loud moments whenever nosotros run into that the cable automobile is descending from a real high point.

After the cable automobile experience, nosotros went to the Citygate outlet to cheque out some stores. I’ve seen inward Kat’s blog that she was able to purchase wedge crocs here. Sad to country in that location were no to a greater extent than wedges when nosotros went.

I also went to the grocery together with bought a 2L Coke which is inward a cute petite bottle! I also dear that Hong Kong tries to eliminate the purpose of plastic bags past times using newspaper bags or letting their client pays (HKD0.50/bag) for the plastic bag. This maiden volition promote the purpose of eco bags instead. 

We also went to Mongkok after CityGate to explore the place. It’s filled alongside shops, shops together with to a greater extent than shops! They country that the best house to acquire your gadget fix inward Hongkong is inward Mongkok, nosotros checked out Fortress together with I'm happy to country that the Sony Walkman that JM wanted retails cheaper hither compared to Manila. We bought a dark together with a greenish walkman together with a 32G iTouch.

My mom wanted to swallow fresh fruits but the cost hither are agency also high compared to Manila together with thence nosotros decided to only skip it (We were able to score some fruits at Northpoint though, volition weblog later).

With tired feet nosotros furnish to Golden Crown together with called it a day.

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