Awesome Hong Kong Diy Trip Business Office Four - Body Of Body Of Water Park

It was a gloomy morning, but nosotros braved the drizzle to meet what was inwards shop for us at Hong Kong’s Ocean Park.

How to Get There?

From Golden Crown, ride the MTR at Tsim Sha Tsui station to Admiralty. Locate Exit B as well as hop on City Bus 629, which volition pick out yous take away to Ocean Park.

Park Tickets

I purchased our tickets ahead of fourth dimension from Ken of Golden Crown amongst a discounted rate, as well as thus no postulate to queue at the ticketing booth.

Check out the Ocean Park website for an updated ticket prices.

At the Park

Be certain to pick out manage of a map at the entrance of Ocean Park’s for easier navigation of the subject commons (Chinese or English, whichever your preference is).

First on our agenda was to watch the Great Oceanarium. Honestly, I was quite disappointed amongst the giant aquarium; I was expecting a bigger one. Nevertheless, at that spot are a lot of sea creatures that yous may aspect at.

The adjacent affair nosotros did was to watch the Pandas. An-an was the alone ane nosotros saw, as well as thus nosotros took payoff inwards taking photos.

Ocean Park is enormous; ane whole twenty-four hr menses is non actually plenty to endeavor out everything. It would hold upwards amend to allot a whole twenty-four hr menses for this as well as thus that yous don’t pick out to hurry from ane betoken to another, summation you’ll larn tired merely going merely about the place. 

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