Awesome Honeymoon Destinations: Hong Kong

hubby together with I inwards the avenue of stars.

It was our commencement out of the province equally a twain together with it was a peachy cultural experience.  We left Hong Kong amongst awe of its advancements inwards transportation together with having the eagerness to come upward dorsum whatever fourth dimension soon.  

We are thankful that nosotros institute a adept larn by from Sans Travel together with Tours.  At that fourth dimension they offered the go parcel for $99 together with it was on a buy-one-take-one promo.

It is also a approving that this go pushed through because my torso felt the fatigue of the wedding preparations and I was sick upward until the really concluding hours of our departure.

On our arrival I can't assist to go amazed at their airport.  Hong Kong airdrome is extremely large!  From its await yous may nation that this is the close advance airdrome inwards the world.  Well manifestly it is the close advance!  It is said that it is 100%  free from luggage lost together with it boasts of its capability to withstand the toughest typhoons.  No wonder, a lot of people love this airport!

(Left) Me riding a develop within Hong Kong airport. (Right) Hubby looking amazed at the airport
and left our luggage unattended.

Upon arriving at Panda Hotel nosotros were both hungry together with can't hold off to select grip of a bite.  We went to hubby's favorite fast nutrient restaurant, KFC.   I tin nonetheless retrieve how Hubby was thus hungry equally if he tin devour 1 bucket of fried chicken!  To our disappointment, nosotros institute out that they create non serve gravy inwards their chicken together with that they alone conduct maintain ketchup together with mustard.  Despite of it, I had thus much fun seeing hubby's disappointment.   I was teasing him patch nosotros were having  our luncheon together with nosotros both had fun enjoying the difference of KFC inwards Hongkong.

(Top) Me amongst my 1 slice chicken repast together with hotshots. (Bottom)  Hubby amongst his 1 box of  hotshots
instead of a 1 bucket of fried chicken. =)

Our commencement twenty-four lx minutes menses was our complimentary day,we didn't conduct maintain to larn amongst our go group.  Hubby together with I decided to larn around together with explore the urban amount on our own.  We used the MTR trains to larn around the city. We were guided past times the complimentary maps given at the airdrome together with the tourist guide that comes complimentary amongst the MTR tourist ticket.  It was together with thus that nosotros realize that HongKong is carry friendly peculiarly to first-time tourists similar us. Traffic together with goal signs had translations inwards English.   The MTR logo is all over the city, nosotros called it "The Sign" because of its frequent appearance, enabling 1 to easily uncovering his way.

(Top) Me pointing at "The Sign". (Bottom)  Directions amongst English linguistic communication translation.

Our commencement halt inwards our complimentary twenty-four lx minutes menses was the Ladies' Market.  It is institute at Tung Choi street, Mong Kok. Upon walking its streets I felt its similarity to our Divisoria.   The house is filled amongst a lot of people together with merchants.   In hither yous tin purchase a broad arrive at of items, from shirts, dresses, together with bags to souvenir items to fossil oil paintings.  It was actually a haven for shopping ladies together with yous tin larn a adept larn by if yous know how to haggle amongst the merchants.   Communicating is non that hard fifty-fifty if some of the merchants hardly verbalize English.   The merchant's reckoner serves equally the medium for the linguistic communication barrier.   They press the cost they desire together with yous press dorsum the cost yous request.   Hubby together with I had fun experiencing the bargaining amongst the store owners together with the release of items yous tin buy.

The Tung Choi street at Mong Kok.

After our escapade at the Ladies' Market, nosotros went to 1 of Hong Kong's seafood district, Lei Yue Mun.  Hubby conduct maintain mistakenly idea this seafood district equally the Lamma Island, where they sell fresh together with inexpensive seafood.  Lei Yue Mun is institute at the Kowloon due south of Hong Kong together with it is said that it came into prominence in the 1960's, where diner's purchase their seafood at the marketplace together with inquire the restaurants to create it for them, similar to our "Dampa".  

This fourth dimension nosotros had a hard fourth dimension communicating, nosotros didn't know if the fishermen are selling the seafood at a adept price.  Good matter we've met a Filipina named Alice.   She is working for the Sea King Garden Restaurant together with she helped us purchase our nutrient for dinner.

(Top) H5N1 large arc that indicates Lee Yue Mun. (Middle) The sign of the Sea King Garden
Restaurant. (Bottom) The Lee Yue Mun seafood district at night.

Day two together with iii of our remain was travelling amongst our group.  We went to a lot places including the avenue of stars, floating eating seat , Victoria peak, Disneyland, Shenzhen, JCL jewelry together with some silk together with jade jewelry shops.

(Top) Me doing a growling pose at Shenzhen, China. (Bottom) Hubby introducing the beautiful skyscraper site at Victoria Peak.

Among of these places, Disneyland is my favorite.   It is house total of happiness, fun rides together with a bunch of hidden mickeys that tin easily go seen!  The Golden Mickey Show, Interactive Stitch together with The Small World ride were my overstep favorites.

(Top) Hubby's feet at the brick route of Disneyland. (Middle) Tinkerbell inwards her carriage.
(Bottom)  The adorable Stitch! 

Disneyland closes at 8:00 PM together with volition capped its closing amongst "Disney inwards the Stars", a showcase of a really beautiful fireworks together with lights display.

(Top) With the star of the place, Mickey Mouse. (Middle) I institute 1 of the
hidden mickeys. (Bottom) The Golden Mickey Show.

Overall, Hong Kong tin go 1 of the best together with money-worthy exterior of the province honeymoon goal for Filipino newly weds.  The various together with beautiful civilization of the Chinese are good mixed inwards the advancement of its metropolitan.  We can't hold off to larn a jeopardy to go dorsum inwards Hong Kong together with I am certain that yous besides volition brutal inwards love amongst this place.


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