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Antward Scissorhands inward the Amazon, foot-long lines of leafcutter ants cart sizable leafage chunks dorsum to their nests to purpose every bit compost. RISE UP Bakers at Nashivlle’s renowned Loveless Café larn going every morn at iii a.m. inward social club to plow out 1.5 1000000 buttermilk biscuits annually. TUNNEL VISION Spring driving on the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route-a highway that transects the northern Japanese alps-delivers a dissimilar form of bully wall experience: along the Yukino-Otani corridor, snowfall walls ascension upwards to sixty feet to a higher house auto level. WATCH YOUR STEP Visitors to the 1,109-foot-tall Macau Tower tin bungee natural springtime off the skyscraper, climb ladders to the highest point, or walk some the exterior of the edifice at 765 feet and  glimpse views of Hong Kong. ORANGE YOU GLAD Come spring, orangish in addition to yellowish Namaqualand daisies blanket well-nigh of the South African mining town of Nababiep. DON’T BLINK Wedged betwixt a bar in addition to a sandwich store inward Somerville, Massachusetts, the new, 16-inch broad fine art Museum-or “micro museum”-claims to live on the world’s smallest.


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