Haz London Eating Seat Review

So the other twenty-four hr menstruum I popped out for dejeuner at haz haz London eating topographic point review

haz London eating topographic point review

So the other twenty-four hr menstruum I popped out for dejeuner at haz, a Mediterranean eating topographic point inward London. haz has (lol) a 5 branches inward London - there’s haz St Paul’s, haz Bishopsgate, haz Houndsditch, haz Plantation Place too haz Premier Place. 

I visited the haz eating topographic point inward St Pauls, correct nigh St Paul’s station, which is ideal every bit it's nigh my office.  I would nation that haz is leaning towards the Turkish side of Mediterranean cuisine, amongst its falafel too hummus mezzes too grilled meats.  And similar many Turkish places inward London, the meat is halal, hence I had options.  
I've mentioned this earlier on the blog, but I've e'er preferred Turkish starters to mains. So it was to my please that has had a dejeuner mezze selection for £12. The footling beauty is pictured above. 

It was a delicious - too filling - hot mess. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 mixed plate of hummus, falafel, aubergine, Lycopersicon esculentum salad spinach too cheese pastry too kofte meatballs, the plate had all the multifariousness of Turkish cuisine.

The kofte was genuinely my swap, every bit the actual bill of fare had calamari, which I don't like. So luckily they allow me switch for to a greater extent than or less much-needed meat.  Like most Mediterranean / Turkish places, unloose baskets of breadstuff were inward abundance.  

It was a peachy dejeuner inward the pump of the city. The clientele is pretty much bankers too other well-suited professionals, too it's a big opened upwards conception restaurant. So at that topographic point is a grown upwards air almost the place. So yeah it's non necessarily a relaxed weekday lunch, but despite the sober surroundings, it was genuinely skillful food.  

I oft experience that chains inward key London are all almost jacked-up prices, amongst flavor too authenticity taking a dorsum seat.  However, I genuinely enjoyed my haz lunch. The flavor was skillful too I preferred my dishes to what I ordered at its Turkish challenger Tas. 

I would larn to haz again. And I'd social club that mezze plate. But for those of y'all who'd prefer a main, they convey to a greater extent than or less other ready selection of get-go too primary for £12 too.

So if you're inward the metropolis of London, desire to print a client, or only desire a alter from Pret a Manger, defo banking concern stand upwards for haz out. 

haz eating topographic point inward a nutshell 

Price: £12 ready dejeuner menu. Dinner is to a greater extent than expensive 
Halal: yes
Great if... y'all desire a slightly fancier too flavourful dejeuner than Pret a Manger.
Not hence peachy if... you're on a quick dejeuner break.

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