A Manicure Without The Blast Shine - Emjoi's Polisher Review

I may cause got mentioned this earlier on my blog, but nails are totally non my forte. 

In fact, every bit sloppy every bit this sounds, the concluding fourth dimension I painted my nails was for my wedding. Three years ago. 

As a lawsuit of the lack of boom colour, I experience that I cause got to cause got extra tending to brand certain my nails are rigid as well as healthy, as well as shiny. And the latter is where Emjoi's Micro Nail Polisher, a production I was sent for consideration, helps.

 I may cause got mentioned this earlier on my weblog H5N1 manicure without the boom smoothen - Emjoi's polisher review

I've previously raved almost Emjoi's Micro Pedi, which removes the difficult pare from heels. In fact my rather gross footage demonstrating the Micro Pedi inwards activity is 1 of my overstep viewed videos.  While Emjoi's Nail Polisher version doesn't cause got quite the same wow portion (it's quite difficult to overstep dusting a of dry out pare scattering similar snow), it does a pretty overnice chore of buffing as well as shining my nails. I've reviewed it previously amongst earlier as well as afterward pics, but I idea I'd portion a video bear witness of how the Micro Nail Polisher works. 
And to run across the Emjoi Micro Pedi at operate inwards all it's crusty feet softening glory, banking concern lucifer out the video below...        

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