First Look: Collection Blush Together With Glow Quad Video Review

Blush together with Glow Quad from collection has highlighting together with contouring shades  First look: Collection Blush together with Glow Quad video review

Collection Cosmetics has but released its latest blush quad - Blush together with Glow - together with I was lucky plenty to go ane of the start people to endeavor it. But is it whatever good, together with volition it flatter night / Asian skin?   The blush comes inwards 4 shades for highlighting, blush together with contouring.  Watch me endeavor it for the start fourth dimension together with encounter my initial thoughts:           

Once the photographic goggle box camera stopped rolling...

So overall, I was impressed amongst the blush for it's lightness together with brightness.  On my skin, it doesn't demo upwards equally a rigid pigmented shade, rather a low-cal even out of colour.  I likewise similar the fact that it doesn't await chalky on my skin, which is a mutual lawsuit when applying low-cal blush to darker skin.  This is ideal for workwear or for when I desire my makeup build clean together with minimal.  However, for the times I require a stronger, to a greater extent than dramatic shade, I'd in all likelihood achieve for my Mac or Laura Geller blushes.    

Overall, Collection's Blush together with Glow gets a thumbs upwards from me.        


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