Greek Stuffed Aubergine As Well As Courgette

Recipe for Greek stuffed baked aubergine in addition to courgette amongst sweetcorn Greek stuffed aubergine in addition to courgette

Greek stuffed aubergine in addition to courgette 

So I had an aubergine in addition to didn't know what to create amongst it. I didn't fancy a curry, thus baingan bharta was out of the question, in addition to I'm trying to curb the carbs.  So I opted for Greek stuffed aubergine, which has a fleck of naughty cheese, merely otherwise ticks the salubrious box.  

For expert stair out in addition to economical cooking, I've too created a side of stuffed courgettes - 1 of my much-loved, in addition to my husbands much derided - recipes. Of class y'all tin move skip the courgettes if y'all don't fancy them, merely every bit they combine thus may of the same ingredients in addition to both bespeak cooking inwards the oven, it brand feel to charge upward on the additional veg.   

Recipe for Greek stuffed aubergine in addition to courgette  


1 large aubergine
1 courgette
1 medium onion, diced
iii medium tomatoes 
Handful sweetcorn 
1tsp all spice 
Pinch salt
Handful grated cheese
Pinch dark pepper 


Cut the aubergine inwards one-half lengthways 
Score the flesh, rub amongst common salt in addition to larn out inwards a colander to strain for most thirty minutes 
Then launder the aubergine in addition to drain on a kitchen towel
Bake the aubergines on an oven tray, flesh side downwardly for some forty minutes  
Meanwhile, piece the courgette lengthways
Scoop out the seedy flesh 
Bake inwards the oven for most xx minutes 
While the courgettes in addition to aubergine bake, laid upward the diced onions inwards olive fossil oil for a few minutes 
Add some dark pepper 
Add a spoon of all spice, in addition to then stir
Add inwards diced tomatoes in addition to a splash of water, laid upward until the sauce is thickened 
Top the aubergine amongst one-half the sauce
Stir inwards the sweetcorn to the remaining sauce 
Add the sauce in addition to sweetcorn on overstep of the baked courgette
Top both the courgette in addition to the aubergine amongst gates cheese 
Return to the oven until the cheese it golden in addition to bubbling

That's it, uncomplicated in addition to beautiful.  You tin move too garnish the aubergine amongst feta cheese.  Either way, it's a Grecian beauty that packs a flavourful punch!  


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